Thom Kaz Honors a Friend & Heals WhiskeyTown


Thom Kaz is an entertainer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and family man. The award-winning performer has appeared on stages and television screens around the world with his groundbreaking comedy hypnosis act. However, recently the multi-talented creator has turned his attention to more musical pursuits.

Although he began his musical journey as a teenage drummer, Thom Kaz kept the tunes on the backburner for a few decades. However, two years ago he launched a life changing project with the potential to impact many thousands of lives. WhiskeyTown Warriors is the singer’s new program to assist veterans with mental wellness, PTSD and suicide prevention. Music is the fuel powering the movement.

WhiskeyTown is the brand new album from Thom Kaz, released worldwide via all major streaming services on November 8, 2022. The 12-song collection is the realization of a vision that Kaz and his late friend Jimmy Francia shared. Jimmy encouraged Thom to embrace his musical aspirations, and to use that energy to help American war veterans, a cause held dear by both men.

Recorded in both Las Vegas and Nashville, there is a country heartbeat that runs through WhiskeyTown. However, within that framework Thom Kaz and crew create a rich, genre-fluid vibe. From the Music City pop of the title track to barn-burners like “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Tired of Working ”, the album is a picture-perfect slice of heartland rock & country. 

There is a healthy dose of hairspray-fueled 80s-style Sunset Strip metal on the record. We can hear the influence on on tracks like the Crüe-esque “Blind Man Walking”. “Bad Man” is another, with its Appetite For Destruction-inspired Les Paul groove. 

The GnR nod is no coincidence. Kaz’s affiliation with the group goes back to the 1980’s when he  helped the band pull together a gig in his hometown under dire circumstances. The encounter led to a lifelong friendship with band manager Doug Goldstein, who now manages Thom’s career. Watch them tell the whole story here.

“Outlaw in the USA” is the album’s signature piece. The patriotic song pays tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. It receives two treatments on the record. The first is a fist-pumping country/rock anthem, and then album closes on a heartfelt and melancholy acoustic take. 

That song has already brought the WhiskeyTown Warriors project some high-profile attention. Thom Kaz has performed “Outlaw in the USA” on network television. The song’s video was even played on the jumbotron during halftime when his beloved Troy University football team hosted Army at Veterans Memorial Stadium. 5,000 members of the military were on the field while the song played.

In addition to the music, Thom Kaz and his team have introduced WhiskeyTown BBQ Sauce. You can read a review here. The award-winning condiment is the first of many planned Whiskeytown products. Plans include additional flavors of sauce, whiskey, rubs and other WhiskeyTown lifestyle products endorsed or created by Thom Kaz.

Check out the “Outlaw in the USA” video below, or listen to the entire Whiskeytown album on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear both  “Outlaw in the USA” and “Bad Man” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. We had the chance to chat with Thom Kaz about the new album and the Whiskeytown Warriors project. Check out his answers to our 8 questions below. And follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist, and the cause.

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